Greenwise products

We created them so that you don't have to choose between your favorite dishes and care for the environment.

Luther Burger

Frozen products

Store them in the freezer, and when needed, boil, fry, stew, bake and enjoy ready meals.

Котлеты Greenwise со вкусом говядины

Cutlets with beef flavor

Консервы тунец

Plant-based "tuna"

Cooled products

Chilled, ready-to-eat fillet pieces of vegetable "beef", "chicken" and even vegetable minced meat!


Pieces of vegetable meat with the taste of beef, lamb, chicken and porcini mushrooms - a ready-to-eat snack.

Джерки со вкусом острой баранины

Jerky with spicy lamb flavor


Vegetable protein that completely repeats the structure of meat. The first product in the Greenwise line.

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