Fillet with chicken flavor

Ready-to-eat pieces of vegetable fillet with the taste and aroma of chicken. Easy to prepare: you can eat it just like that, warm it up or add it to your favorite dishes.

Other flavors:

What's inside

Lots of protein

A hearty vegetable analog to meat

Convenient format

We added spices and cut them for you, it remains only to warm them up :)

Meat flavor

And 100% plant-based

Unique product on the market

Only in the Greenwise product line!

grams of protein
grams of fat
grams of carbohydrates

Nutrition facts

Soy and wheat proteins, olive oil, table salt, dry onion, yeast extract, food glucose, natural food flavor "Sautéed Garlic", food flavor "Chicken", food soda.

Shelf life

4 months at storage temperature from 0 to 4 degrees.


Cooking method

Fillet is a ready-to-eat product, but you can heat it up in any convenient way (fry, bake) and add it to the dish as a vegetable alternative to meat.


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